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Getting Behind the Customer Experience Wheel

Nancy Porte, VP of Customer Experience for Vovici, shares some of the lessons she's learned in her first 18 months as the leader of Vovici's cross-department effort to better measure, manage and improve the customer experience of Vovici clients. To assist you with your Voice of the Customer initiatives, Nancy explains the need to balance a decentralized approach to survey creation and dissemination with a need for central oversight.

Nancy demonstrates Vovici's progress towards customer-centricity and review her "State of the Customer" research. Nancy also explains how to research, create and develop a roadmap for a Customer Experience Wheel, tracking customers through each stage of their journey with your organization.

Jeffrey Henning, VP of Strategy, joins Nancy to review customer loyalty segmentations and how to try out several different models to find out what works best for your organization and industry.

Nancy Porte explains Voice of the Customer in this Vovici webinar
Nancy Porte
VP, Customer Experience
Jeffrey Henning explains Voice of the Customer in this Vovici webinar
Jeffrey Henning
VP, Strategy

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